1.Comb 50 times along the scalp at night:
The great litterateur Su Dongpo also has deep understanding to hair combing.
He has said that if you comb your hair for over a hundred times and lay down with your hair undo,you can awake from a deep sleep next morning.
The head massage can help reducing stress,relieving the nerves and improving sleep.

2.Comb 50 times against scalp in the morning:
This can help promoting blood circulation,activating functions of the body and refreshing the mind,which is the nostrum of the successful people.
3.Comb before hair washing:
Comb the scurf from the scalp so as to effectively eliminate it though washing.
4.Comb during hair washing:
Avoid finger nail scratching the scalp to effectively clean the scalp and the hair.

Implication of comb as a gift

For fortune:
The comb can smooth down the hair, which implies the smooth way in the fortune-seeking course.
For Loving Care:
The comb is also called"see you every day", which shows your care in the daily use and brings you closer to each other
For Health:
The comb can massage the scalp,stimulate blood circulation, fresh mind,light up face,and keep flexible and clear.