Box wood

Box wood is a Buxus Sinica plant.This kind of wood mainly grows in Shennongjia along the border of Hubei and Sichuan on the Yangtze Basin.Due to the long growth period,the box wood is also referred to as "Box wood of Thousands of years". According to Compendium of Material Medica,the box wood can be made as medicine and can help removing heat,toxic elements,rheumatism and dehumidifying.The result of the modern medical research shows that there contains and element(CH18H21N03) in the box wood,which can inhibit fungal growth.The comb can therefore help controlling head itching or dandruffs.There is an old saying that "The boxwood comb can make you prime minister and leud"and even the empress Dowager Cixiliked to use boxwood comb.
Black ebony

Black ebony belongs to the ebony family,which would take 800 years to reach its full growth.It has been always referred to as the "Extraordinarily Prcious Wood" and the "Woods for emperors"and been used by the royalty and nobility since ancient times.The wood is glossy,hard,heavy and subtle and has the texture of black and white alternate with the characcteristics of anti-corrosion and strong durability,which can be referred to as immortal wood for hundreds of years.According to Compendium of Material Medica,the ebony has the effects of dispelling pathogenic wind and curing pyogenic infection and can be used for skin scraping.It is also honored as holy ebony and regarded as a symbol of auspice and peace.

Rose wood
It mainly includes black rose wood,red rose wood and white rose wood.It is so named because it would give out acerbic and sharp flavor"Red wood" during processing.The best kind is the black rose wood in the color from violet red to violet brown or black and notable for its hardness and fine gloss.As it is similar with the red sandalwood,it was widely used in the palace of the Qing Dynasty when the red sandalwood was rare.It has great value even at present.The red rose wood is always in date red,while the color of the white rose wood is lighter.
Jade sandalwood
Or "Green Sandalwood",belongs to the ebony category.It is the low-growing wood and is extrmely valuable.In the late 15th Century,the European royalty and nobility and the colonist regarded the products of jade sandalwood as the symbol of their status.
Garapa,Pau Mulato
It mainly grows in Brazil and Paraguay.The wood is smooth in light yellow and white color and has slim structure and durable function.
Swartizia Spp
It mainly grows in the Americas and Africa in Tropic zone.Due to the natural color difference that the heart wood is in red brawn or gray red brawn,While the sap wood is in White,it is also referred to as"Yuanyang Swartizia Spp".The wood is glossy,cross-laminated and has slim and even structure with the characteristics of hardness,corrosion resistance.damp -proof and non-deforming which products can be widely used in the bathroom.
Chicken-wing Wood
It is mainly produced in East India and Guangdong and Hainan of China.The fruit of this wood is called ormosia of the southern countries,which has the implication of missing and it is therefore also called "Missing Wood."
Peach wood
This wood will send forth a delicate fragrance and has the implication for peace blessing
Guibourtia Sp
It grows in the tropical region.It has the color ranging from red brown to violet brown,clear and variable texture and capability of damp-proof.
Chacate Preto
This is a precious wood growing in Mozambique.The heart wood is in dark brown and his light brown stripes.It is glossy and has interlocked grains.This material is in moderate density and is quick drying,which is especially appropriate for forniture and sculptures.
Superba Schima
It has the color ranging from light red brown to dark tawny and is glossy,slim and even with the characteriastics of hardness,corrosion resistance and smooth cut,which products can be widely used in the bathroom.
The wood is hard and heavy and can send out delicate fragrance.It is either in yellow or in white.It is widly used as a spice or materials of fan frameworks.chests and other small wares.Its quality is inferior to almug.
Yellow sandalwood

Also called Terminalia Spp.It is mainly produced in Brazil and Africa and has the obstacle violet red texture.It will present exquisite wood grain and feel smoothly after polishing.