Ebony hand crafted chopsticks with 100 blessings 1195

Black ebony

Black ebony belongs to the ebony family,which would take 800 years to reach its full growth.It has been always referred to as the "Extraordinarily Prcious Wood" and the "Woods for emperors"and been used by the royalty and nobility since ancient times.The wood is glossy,hard,heavy and subtle and has the texture of black and white alternate with the characcteristics of anti-corrosion and strong durability,which can be referred to as immortal wood for hundreds of years.According to Compendium of Material Medica,the ebony has the effects of dispelling pathogenic wind and curing pyogenic infection and can be used for skin scraping.It is also honored as holy ebony and regarded as a symbol of auspice and peace.
Package Size 28.5cm * 23cm *3cm
Product Size Chopsticks length: 25cm
Product Story


According to the ancient tale,Ziya Jiang lived a humble life in his early life with all his ambitions unachieved.One day,a god bird flied over to him and pecked at his hands three times,when he was taking food,jiang therefore took two pieces of the bamboo twigs on which the bird tested to pick up the meat,which resulted in smoking from the bamboo twigs(the earliest chopsticks),so the food was identified toxic.Jiang used chopsticks at daily mealtime since then.The chopsticks not only saved his life,but also brought a turn of fortune life to him, soon after the event,he was recognized by the king Wen of Zhou dynasty.(1066 B.C.-256 B.C) and appointed a prime minister and became a right-hand man to the king Wen for great achievement obtained in Zhou dynasty.The later generations commented that the chopsticks were the start of good luck to Jiang,upon which all his strategies were implemented and he won thousands of years of glorifications.Since tha dynasty,chopsticks have been presented as gift among people as a carrier of good luck wishes to the recipeents,The tale of "good luck good chopsticks"is still on the lips of the folk nowdays.

Product Craft


1.Chopsticks shall be kept in a dry and cool palce to prevent from mildew contamination.

2.After washing,chopsticks shall be put in the basket with tips upward for the convenience of water evaporation.

3.The chopsticks tips shall not be put downward,as water accumulates on the bottom of basket, which may cause mildew and peculiar smell to the chopsticks.

4.Chopsticks  shall not be stored in a confined space either,such as drawers isolated from air.

5.Pierced basket without water accumulation at the bottom shall better be selected;keep good ventilation and keep chopsticks in a dry place.

6.Chopsticks basket shall be cleaned and disinfected regularly for proper storage of chopsticks and human health.


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