White horn hair comb 499

The "white" horn combs are made of sheep, scalper or buffalo horn and for the "black" horn combs horn of water buffalo and yak is used. The black horn combs attract by their noble shining appearance while the white horn combs have higher stability.All horn combs show a very smooth polished surface and rounded top of the teeth as you can see on the pictures.

Product Size 20?5.3cm
Teeth length:3.5cm

As long as you maintain the comb carefully,
It will use for many years!  

1)The products is made of natural material with refined traditional craftsmanship.
    It fells rather comfortable as a result of smooth teeth.

2)Please hold the back of the comb when using.Clean it with a fine hair brush.

3)Do not bend or pull it with force and dip it in water or place it in a moistened
    place.In case the product is found deformed.

4)If it is found deformed:
    For the wood comb,soak it in water for a while and dry it in the air;
    For the horn comb,heat it with a hair dryer and flatten it with heavy object.

5)Do not place horn comb  in a temperature exceeds 40 .


SGD 147.65
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