Black ebony wood hair comb gift set 603

Black ebony belongs to the ebony family, which would take 800 years to reach its full growth.It has been always referred to as the "Extraordinarily Precious Wood "and the woods for Emperors and been used by the royalty and nobility since ancient times The wood is glossy,hard heavy and subtle and has the texture of black and white alternate with the characteristics of anti-corrosion and strong durability which can be referred to as immortal wood for hundreds of yesars according to compendium of Material mediac ,the ebony has the effects of dispelling pathogenic wind and curing pyogenic infection and can be used for skin scraping .It is also honored as ho;u ebony and regarded as a symbol of auspice and peace

Package Size 24*16.5*4cm
Product Size 17*4.8cm


SGD 211.86
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