Jade sandalwood comb 712

The jade sandalwood mainly grows on the cliffs in the virgin forests on the Amazon River basin of South American.This slow-growth wood is extremely valuable.It can vary its colors from tawny to green) under different lighting,temperature and humidity.As its natural grain is distinct,it is called"Living wood",suggesting its vitality.Its delicate and lasting fragrance can pacify the mind with the function of erosion resistance and mosquito repellent.According to Compendium of Material functions of dispelling pathogenic wind and curing pyogenic infection.The jade sandalwood was only affordable by the nobility in Europe in the 15th century.It is the best gift for the honorable persons and partners.

Package Size 25*16*3.5cm
Product Size 12?4.3cm

1,Product of natural materials shall avoid high temperatue,insolation,humidity,and acid or alkali corosion.Do not bang it,pull it,break or fold it or rub or smash it against solid articles

2,Please put it into the special cloth pocket or level surface after use,Do not expose it to bright light,heat or environment of sudden heat or cold.

3, Please clean it in cool water.Do not put it in water for a long time.Wipe the water away with soft cotton cloth timely after cleaning.It is a normal condition that the color of some products start to run,your attention to it would be appreciate.
4, Please stop using in case of skin allergy caused by the material due to individual differences or other reasons.


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