Lacquer comb 397

An ideal gift for girlfreind

The calla stands for eternity. Despite of only a few colors, a quiet and graceful atmosphere is well created. In its elegance and fairness, the streamline comb teeth design adds a motive and active feature to its simple beauty.
The lacquering technique is the most complicated one in the wooden comb
manufacture,which has been applied for thousands of years in China.It is
extremely difficult to collect natural lacquer and there is an old saying that"you have to cover hundreds of miles and make great effort to get  1kg lacquer".A lacquer comb will go through hundreds of procedures and be produced after serval months.The stereoscopic patterns are made of repeatedly pile-up lacquer refined from natural plants.The comb can be used to do up the hair and also stuck into the hair as an accessory.Combing practicability and esthetics,the lacquer comb appears to be graceful and elegant,especially appropriate for presentation and collection.
Package Size 24.7*20*3.5cm
Product Size comb:12.5*3.5cm

As long as you maintain the comb carefully,
It will use for many years!  

1)The products is made of natural material with refined traditional craftsmanship.
  It fells rather comfortable as a result of smooth teeth.

2)Please hold the back of the comb when using.Clean it with a fine hair brush.

3)Do not bend or pull it with force and dip it in water or place it in a moistened
In case the product is found deformed.

4)If it is found deformed:
    For the wood comb,soak it in water for a while and dry it in the air;
 For the horn comb,heat it with a hair dryer and flatten it with heavy object.

5)Do not place horn comb  in a temperature exceeds 40 .


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