Hollow-out wood mirror 307

product is finely made completely manually with valuable and rare woods.
Using the hollow-out process, the pattern is designed vivid, making people
feel refreshing.  The mirror body, with fine wood grain, streamline shape
 and bright color, fully reflects the charm of Chinese traditional process.

May we all be blessed with longevity, reunion and happiness, and share
the beauty of the moon, auspiciousness and harmony together.
Product Size 10*6cm
Product Story

A peace of mind, like autumn water, makes people go further. 
A peace of mind indicates that one can get down to thinking and
will not be troubled with the noisy society and any rumors.
Clear rivers run thousands of miles persistently and quietly,
and mountains stand for thousands of years silently. The nature
has shown us this, such as changeover of days and nights,
turnover of seasons, running of clear water and
soughing of the wind in the pines, which all in peace.


SGD 48.15
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