Hollow-out wood mirror 330

The hard and valuable wood is used and the advanced blank pressing
technology is applied to fix the glass.The artisans present  the Chinese
traditional patterns reflecting auspiciousness and satisfaction in a
tri-dimensional way by means of hollow-out technology,which realizes the
changeful vision effect and generates absorbing fun.It in addition
possesses shining crystal glass,which enables it to become the favorite
of the people.


Product Size 10*6cm
Product Story

Black is the main tune. The luster of black wood grain is deep as dark night.
Unbalanced shaped hollow design on mirror compose particular pattern to
show luck and riches. When close it, bright luster is reflected from hollow
pattern to set of line decoration. There is refinement in rigidity and fortitude.
When open it, strong balance of slender mirror color is very elegant to have
serious space feel.


SGD 94.15
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